RSClanAdmin is a tool designed to help RuneScape Clans take the manual work out of managing their clans.

At one point in time, I lead a clan via Google Sheets. After we gained more members it became apparent that maintaining records of each member's points was not feasible in the Google Sheet and would take a majority of the leader's time away from playing the game. I decided to make a Discord Bot that would track everything the Google Sheet did, but would also allow for members to interact with it themselves in different ways.

After months of developing this bot and adding features, I was starting to get more requests from other leaders to use the bot for their clans. I then started over on a new bot that would be available to any clan that wished to use it. This was also completed and used by many.

As with any command line application, the bot and all of it's features started to become clunky and hard for clans to manage. This led me to creating this website. The underlying structure of the data is the same as the bot mentioned above, but the website adds another interface for the users to use and track their data.

As time goes on I will be adding more and more features to this website and bot, and plan to keep the same features available in each!