Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you can not find the answer to your question, feel free to join our discord and ask away there!

Click the register button in the top right of the website.
From the website, click on "My Clan" button in the top right. Then on the left navigation area select the "Update Citadel Reset Time" link. Enter the appropriate times and hit the save button. From the Discord Bot, you can use the _Citadel SetResetTime command to set the reset time. More information on this command can be found on the commands page here.
Log into a world in RuneScape and type the command _User Validate RSN where RSN is your Username in-game. Follow the prompts as they are messaged to you.
This can be due to more reasons.
  1. To be able to track Caps and Visits to the Citadel, a Miscs setting needs to be check in their RuneMetric Event Logs settings. This guide will provide all the info you need to setup your alog correctly: Adventure Log Guide
  2. If your member logs a lot of things and is very active in game, then they spam their alog which will push the cap out and the update script won't see it potentially. The alog only contains the 20 latest logs!
The update process is a rolling update. The servers processing updates look for the clan that was updated the furthest away in date and update that clan. Update times can vary widely depending on API speed, data to process, and the number of servers we have running the updater. We aim to try and keep update times around 6 hours but cannot guarantee it.