Version 3.0 is released!

July 2, 2019

The release of version 3.0 of the Clan_Bot application comes with some large new changes and overahuls! The very first thing you should notice is where you are reading the release notes! Yes, the application has moved into the web world as well as Discord! You'll also notice that we've rebranded Clan_Bot into RSClanAdmin because it is no longer just a Discord bot. Clan_Bot will remain the same however, and RSClanAdmin will be the name of the website.

This release brings some improvements to existing processes, however the main driver for this release is stability. With that said, the development on these services is still ongoing. We were seeing more problems with the previous version and know that this version has its problems as well but also is much better than the previous version was. Please be patient with us as we aim to get things working properly as well as develop new features. The look and feel will also be changing as we make more progress!

With all of the changes that this update brings, the first thing you should notice is that we have a more reliable update process. This process has been streamlined and made better overall. We also now have the ability to do more checks, and store adventurer's logs which is pretty cool too. This is a very large update and I want to assure you that I have done everything in my power to make sure that all data has been converted to the new structures correctly. However, I cannot personally check all 500+ clan's data to ensure that this is the case. With that said, please give the data a good look over to make sure that it looks correct.

With the web interface, we understand that some of the views look bad and could use some cleaning up but we wanted to bring you the content first and then make it look better as time goes on. We always welcome feedback on how to improve things though! Please leave this type of feedback in the feedback channel!

Please see the full list of release notes below: